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Untamed Savannah Pack

We are a Canid RP based in Tsavo National Park East. Our survival is based on the skill of hunting. Do you have what it takes to survive the harsh African climate? Come find out!

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29 1

We are a magical animal roleplay, with over 15 free-to-play species, a unique magic system, free-form clan creation, lots of buy-ables, plenty of IC and OC events, and a welcoming community!
29 1

Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf rp that has many packs, deep lore, advanced story and 7 sentance minimum for posting. Alive for 8+ years with a positive and accepting member base.
Ruins of Wildwood
21 2
Ruins of Wildwood is a realistic wolf roleplaying game set in the forest of Relic Lore. As a new pack takes root amongst the wreckage of a wildfire they must learn to work together to defend their lan
The Rain Pack
10 3

After much dedicated time, TRP has closed and reopened in a version 2! TRPv2 is a semi-realistic wolf RPG with a brand new look. We hope to see you soon!
Amazing Bible Blog
10 0

Insightful information as it pertains to Bible prophecy.
Forget the Mayan calendar
and get the TRUTH!
'Souls RPG
8 1

Post apocalyptic werecanine roleplaying since 2001. Play as a wolf, coyote, hybrid or a myriad of other canine species in various settings, ranging from decimated human cities to open wilderness.
Untamed Savannah Pack
5 0

We are a Canid RP based in Tsavo National Park East. Our survival is based on the skill of hunting. Do you have what it takes to survive the harsh African climate? Come find out!
Lunar Children
3 1
Intermediate to advanced wolf rpg | Our fate is in your hands | Semi realistic settings; ability to imprint, uncommon eye colors, & talking allowed
When The Music Stops
3 0

We have a 300 word count, a unique medicine and crafting system, plot modified by the actual roleplay, and a small but friendly community. Join us today!
2 0

Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count.
Vox Populi
2 1

With Sapientia Saecolorum and Animos Regumare preparing for war, one is driven by vengeance and the other by mere forces of circumstance. Both seek the aid of Lingua Veritatis.
Method Resurrection
2 1

Method Resurrection is a play-by-post, literate-advanced, semi-realistic wolf role-play site. Very active with friendly staff and members.
2 1

A member-driven site about dogs with powers facing up against dogs without. prejudice and hatred runs wild!
Wolf's Requiem: The Shards of Narsha
2 0
There is only bloodshed and regret in a world where religious strife and tensions have created a war that spans generations.
{high structure * high fantasy}
Remnants of Shadow
2 0

Friendly, active daily, many plots and packs, & have been together for 4+ years. 250 word minimum average(but we have special areas for beginners). Must be at least 13 years of age.
2 2

Open since February 2008, Anikira is an Int/Adv realistic wolf RP with a fun, friendly roleplaying environment and many diverse plots. We are always looking for literate, fun members!
1 0

a fantasy wolf & coyote RPG
1 2

Ascension is an all-level Magical Wolf roleplay. Collect elemental powers as you discover them and level up your character through accumulation of XP and quests! Visit us to learn more.
Wolves of the North
1 0

In the heart of Canada stands a lace untouched by humans, and in it, controls the wolves. In the harsh territory, wolves struggle to survive, will your wolf make it? Semi-Realistic wolf RPG.
Burning Dawn Pack
1 1

The Burning Dawn Pack is a semi-literate wolf RPG set in the vast Adirondacks. We hope to see you soon! |The sun rises and so do we|
Aiyanna's Wishes
1 0

free-reign fantasy wolf rpg with daemons
Arctic Crosshairs
1 0

Arctic Crosshairs is semi-realistic wolf RPG site. In the harsher northern reaches of Canada, will the wolves will form together or will they do anything to survive the battle of hunger.
Secret of the Wolf
1 0
Secret of the Wolf is a fast paced game that is based around the difficulty of survival; where four packs are pitted against one another for resources and against the many tribes of man that linger in the valley. Can you survive?
Sounds of Silence
1 0

Intermediate-Advanced fantasy canine RP. Come join us, where there are two worlds: Enya and Earth. Will you take the challenge?
Memento Mori
1 0

The time has come, we have forgotten that we too bleed, that we feel pain. Now, we must remember those mortal justices as vices that we too keep. Remember, Guardians, remember we must die.
Cascade Wolf Roleplay
1 0
Cascade is a new advanced post-apocalyptic wolf role-play game with a surfeit of symbolism and allusions.
In Dire Straits
1 0

Riverside Springs
1 0

This land is a harsh one. Burning temperatures by day, freezing temperatures by night. Will you be one with the Springs, or will you be washed away by the River?
Lupus Insula
1 0

Lupus Insula is a realistic wolf rpg set on a man made island. Offers multiple packs, land claiming, and more. 100 word minimum posts.
1 1

All are welcome at Ravensvair: a semi-realistic wolf rpg with a history. With origins steeped in tradition, the new wolves of Ravensvair must pick up the pieces following a great rebellion, and migrat
Fire and Ice Wolf Packs
1 0

An active literate WRPG since 2006, we are a diverse community who welcomes writers of all ages and experiences, unlimited plots, hundreds of chances, six packs and only one land.
Ruined Serenity
1 1

This is a semi-realistic animal Rp site that is welcoming new members with open arms. Were are also in need of staff :)
African Stars Pack
1 0

A canid roleplay based in the heart of Africa. You can choose from many different types of canines; beginner-advanced roleplay. We also have games, contests, and activities. Never a dull moment!
My Spirit is Free
1 0

We are a novice through advanced role play site with a post length minimum of 3 sentences. The role play takes place in a land called Serig where many domesticated canines and felines escape from thei
Spirit Pack
0 0

Strict semi-lit to lit wolf RPG :: new with high ranks available :: please open with platforms other than Internet Explorer for graphics
0 0

Fulmine is a vast world. There are many races, including five species of wolves. They live in a world divided by technology and the primitive. Join them!
Wolves of the Wild
0 0

Founded August 11th, 2012, we have a very small member base right now. 3 Users and the Admin. We are looking for more users and encourage kindness to other users. A friendly community. A brand new rea
0 0
A unique, fantasy , multi-species, post apocalyptic animal RP.
No word count.
Friendly and active staff.
0 0
The chemical plague had swept through the city quicker then anyone could control. The humans tried, they fled from the worst of it but they left behind their pets.

can they really keep the monsters out?
Martyrdom ---
0 1

A literate to advanced, post-apocalyptic stray canine forum.
0 1

Eidolon is a new up and coming RPG experience. Choose from several species to play, create your own pack or herd, gain experience and level your characters, and take part in our original plot.
0 0

Semi-Fantasy Canine and Feline RP
150 Word Minimum
Seeking Pack leaders and Staff
Origin Wolves v2
0 1

Welcome to Origin. A free form, play-by-post fantasy wolf roleplay. We have a word count of 200, and we accept intermediate to advanced roleplayers who are thirteen years of age or older only.
Fin De Los Dias
0 0

Fin De Los Dias is a post-apocalyptic canine rpg set in the year 2023. Recently reopened! We'd love for you to come join us!
- S o m n u m.
0 0

three packs. unique plot. new && active
0 0

All level elemental wolf rpg with a friendly member base. Fun creative community!
0 0

Not just another wetpaint wolf pack, Desridoria is very unique! Come and see the new face of the old generation!
0 0

Remember, Atori Wolves, that you too will die...
0 0

An active canine role play with friendly staff and a great environment! Come and check us out!
0 0

An original Ice Age roleplay featuring the Dire wolf and sabretooth cat as the domineering predators of the frozen landscape.

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