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Denver Devoured

The Earth was devoured by war, devoured by nuclear radiation, and now Denver Colorado is being devoured by dogs. The dogs here do not live the comfortable care-free lives of their spoon-fed ancestors.

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Haiki Mura
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Semi-realistic Canine RPG, created May 31st, 2008. Haiki Mura, meaning abandoned village, has canines of Haiki Mura making a name for themselves and creating a culture worth dying for.
Imporia: Resurrection
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We now have Werewolves, Fae, Feline Shifters, Vampires and a species of Hunter. Kingdoms have been rebuilt once more as the power struggle continues on. Welcome to Imporia!
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fantasy wolf roleplay that caters to a daker, surreal setting.
Harmonic Dreams
0 0
HD is an all animal, realistic pack. We provide a drama- free and friendly environment for our members.

The site is fail right now. You might not like it when you see it.
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Instinct is a literate semi-realistic canine rpg based on the stories of dogs living in the city. Members can play as a domestic dog, stray dog, or feral dog. Wolfdogs are permitted.
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Say ello to BattleBorn, A new realistic Wolf RP. We are a small, tight-knit community who all have one thing in common; a love for role-play whether you're a beginner, semi literate or advanced.
Finding Babylon ~ Lazerkela
0 0
A place where deities openly send their minions to fight against one another; where power means everything and your worth is purely measured by the amount of heart you possess. Finding Babylon will ch
Land of the wolf
0 0
Come join the Chat, Games, and role play! Land of the wolf is a forum based off of about 6 packs choose one to join, gain a rank! One day we will have war will you be ready to fight for your pack?
0 1
Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf role play which accepts all manner of writers. We are a very friendly community and would love to see some new faces!
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{Realistic Wolf Roleplay}{New Site}{Small Community}
Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies. Much better you than I.
Seventh Primeval
0 0
A horror wolf pack roleplay based off the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent by Frictional Games.
Valley Of Shadows
0 0
Valley of Shadows is a post apocalyptic canine and equine rpg, where a flesh eatting disease haunts the land.
Demi gods known as Legends are worshiped by many and war is always on the horizon.
Current version the equine are busy worshiping and causing t
Insanity !
0 0
The Humans are gone, but before they left they used up Earth's resources. Canines reign supreme, but they didn't factor in one thing: themselves.
Defying the ODDS
0 0
Defying the Odds is a realistic wolf RPG that accepts any level of roleplay.

Step into the wild and see if you can defy the odds.
0 0
Verity is a play by post realistic wolf roleplay. It is set in a world that humans never existed, and life remained lush and green. Verity is a site made for all level of rpers, with fun games, and a nice growing community.
Perfected Crusations
0 0
Perfected Crusation is based upon finding paradise. The idea of paradise is to make the world a better place for all animals including yourself. To Bring back the old Better Improved RP
0 0
The cure brought forth a whole new kind of mystery - throwing both species back into the deep end of doubt. Where will you fit in?
0 0
A fantasy canine play-by-post rp. We accept all canines and offer unique legends as plots; become an expert level elemental or be an anti-magic Vinei. Create your own species, packs and more!
0 0
Avani is a semi-realistic wolf rpg based on a different planet. 12 years ago man left six wolves on Alteria to see if the planet could sustain life from earth. However, Alteria altered leaving the sci
0 0
Here at Rage, you may be whatever animal you desire. You can even have a flock of turkeys! Or be the leader of a herd of llamas! You decide your future, your fight, your life. Come on! Put your animal paw in place and join our exciting community.
Darkest Hour
0 0
In a world overcome with radiation an! Ruins, one pack emerges from the rubble. IN Darkest Hour you refer the beast, protect the beast, but most of all, you find the beast in you. your darkest hour...
[ wild reign ]
0 0
Wild Reign is a welcoming & close nit community of members. There are several roleplay opportunities; join a pack or embark as a rouge, no design limitations, & create your own plots to name a few.
The Key Largo Pack
0 0
The Key Largo pack is a new site located on the coast of Key Largo! It is a great site to come have fun, make new friends, play contests, and Roleplay!
0 0
The HOWLS is a new fantasy wolf roleplay where the members decide what happens and why. Wolves face pack rivalry as well as troubles with spirits and whatever else the members can come up with.
Wolf's Gist
0 0
Wolf's Gist is a new website being rebuilt from the old. WG is based in Lokin, a fictional island full of mysterious remains, packlands, and dense forests. Many locations are yet to be discovered.
Apocalypse Wolves
0 0
Come join the new fun of our brand new wolf rpg site! Will you survive the apocalypse or die trying?
0 0
Animus is a brand new, semi-realistic elemental wolf roleplay! We are are user-focused site, friendly to all levels. Elemental affiliation will not tie you down, and pack creation is very freeform! We
Sorrow's Forgotten Shadows
0 0
We are wolves that live within the shadows and have been long forgotten. Have sorrows you wish to forget? Come run with us and find a new beginning. A place welcomed to all.
0 0
The possibilities are endless.
Estyre Legends
0 0
Shadows on the Island
0 0
Canines are one of the three top choices on SOTI; a forum where you're all stuck on a hidden island lost in time somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle
The Snowy Blizzard Pack
0 0
A Cold Winter Year For All Pack Members. Wolves Will Risk Their Lives to Keep Warm. Will YOU Survive This Wintery Year?
Bridled & Unbroken
0 0
BAU is a stray and house dog roleplay set in the fictional city of Eagleton, California. We have just reopened after a year long hiatus, but was active for a year previously.
0 0
Velox is a semi-realistic wolf rp site. We offer character driven plots, three packs, awards, intermediate to advanced rp, points, and a points shop
0 0
We are a realistic wolf site for moderate to advanced writers, with a 250 word count. Join a pack, or make one of your own. Customize characters with the shop, earn awards, and enjoy your stay.
In Dire Straits
0 0
In Dire Straits is a highly active animal RP taking place in a fictional region, “The Dire Straits”, loosely based on the tail end of the ice age.
Silver Moon Pack V.2
0 0
The pack of Silvermoon has been thrust into an unfamiliar world filled with dangers. As chaos is thrown into their life, the pack must fight for what they have left. Each other. Will you join them?
A New Dawn
0 0
A literate, semi-realistic wolf pack role play with a 150 word count. Three packs on the verge of war. Will you defend your home?
Dark Hypnotic Wolves
0 0
We Are Dark, But Not Evil... Hypnosis Is In Our Blood... We Were Born To Live Through Hypnotism... Will YOU Join And Live Through What We Were Born With From The Start Until Today??
Wolves Of The Earth
0 0
This fun roleplay site is about the life of a wolf. Learn about them as you Roleplay with others, We are PG 13 and Family friendly. We hope to see you around!
Evalos Packs
0 0
Evalos is a semi-literate, active wolf RP looking for new members! There are three packs to choose from: Luminix Mountain, Glydan Forest, and Lethe Marsh. Come check us out!
0 0
Nightwalkers is a fantasy wolf RP. There are four packs to choose from, or you can be a lone wolf. Gain a power, human form, or even a Guardian!
0 0
a fantasy wolf & coyote RPG
MMORPG warofhell game
0 0

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

Elemental Balance
0 0
Elemental Balance is a brand new fantasy post-by-post wolf roleplay set five centuries in the future in a fantasy land named Eleppi.
0 0
Ascension is an all-level Magical Wolf roleplay. Collect elemental powers as you discover them and level up your character through accumulation of XP and quests! Visit us to learn more.
The Lost Continent
0 0
Will you be lost forever or will you fight to be found?

Active role play site! Literate and fun for all ages!
March of Claws
0 0
March of Claws is a multi-species roleplay. Play giant otters and other mustelids, under-appreciated canines like prairie wolf and bush dog, felines, reptiles and more. Unique war and litter system fo
Wandering Leaves
0 0
Welcome to Wandering Leaves a realistic wolf RPG! We take in beginner RPG'S all the way to professional so don't be shy! Never one dull moment!
0 0
Fantasy wolf roleplay for the experienced rper. Free-form, set in a complex world involving bloodlines, magic, and immortals.

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